What does it mean to live life from the inside out?

It is tapping into your inner knowing and making decisions from a heart centered place. 

It is seeking knowledge; it is building the skills and practicing the tools to shift your mindset from one based in fear to one stemming from love.

When we live from this place, aligned with truth, we open ourselves to our unlimited potential.

How to Destress and Evolve in Times of Uncertainty

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Our Mission

Our intention is to support you, the seeker, with tools and resources to create a new relationship with yourself by getting honest, breaking through limitations, accessing your authentic expression and from that place cultivating a more fulfilling and conscious lifestyle.

This is living from the inside out...filling that space not with what other people have to offer, but what you can offer yourself.

Gina Maron

Gina is a transformational coach, trauma therapist, and kundalini yoga teacher. She earned her Undergraduate Degree from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from USM. She is the host of All About You podcast and the founder of DYT/ Dance Your Truth, an intentional movement practice.  She is raising 4 loving daughters and is passionate about sharing mindfulness in her community with her Mindful Mama program.


Lauren Shaw

Lauren is a wellness coach and creative entrepreneur with over a decade of experience supporting women in embodiment and tools for transformation. She has founded 3 companies and designed products trusted by customers in over 40 countries. For over 15 years she has been in deep study of holistic health, spiritual and meditative practices and is passionate about inspiring others to live their fullest expression in life and in love.
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