Return to Self is a 6 month group coaching program curated for you to create a sacred container within to allow the experience for more self-love, inner peace and confidence so you can live an energized, conscious and fulfilling life.

Do you wake up unhappy?

Do you lack energy and often not feel motivated?

 Are you seeking more meaning and purpose in life?

Do you replay the same negative and self-sabotaging story in your mind over and over?

Deep down you know there is an authentic part of you that wants to break free.

Are you ready to learn the tools that can help you create that unique expression of yourself and step into the life you were meant to live?

It’s time for you, dear one, to


Over the next 6 months, we will courageously join together in an intimate group of like-minded souls to heal, transform and uncover the power within.

In this 6 month virtual offering, you will receive…

✳ Live and virtual curriculum with a monthly focus to set you up for success

✳ Accountability coaching from both Gina and Lauren

✳ Monthly embodiment workshops

✳ Special guest facilitators that are masters of their craft

✳ Intimate, like-minded and supportive group container

✳ Access to a private Facebook group of Return to Self community


Let 2021 be the year that you….

✳ Break free from barriers, fears, limiting beliefs and patterns that have kept you from your ultimate happiness

✳ Create a container for your self-love expansion

Energize your entire being through self-honoring practices

✳ Align and attract more of the things you want in your life

✳ Feel more confident and begin trusting yourself to make healthier choices

✳ Learn how to cultivate a mindful lifestyle

✳ Live life ON purpose to feel more fulfilled

✳ Go from surviving to THRIVING

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Next session begins July 2021

We will not share your information, ever.

Here’s the journey you will be embarking on… 

Month 1 - Build a solid foundation implementing the beginner’s mindset

Month 2 - Learn to cultivate more energy through healthy lifestyle choices

Month 3 - Explore and integrate rituals, modalities and healing embodiment practices

Month 4 - Put your practices into motion through intention, goal setting, and commitment

Month 5 - Build your blueprint for success and lasting change

Month 6 - Celebrate the new relationship with Yourself


You’ll also receive…

✳ Lifetime access to all the recordings of live, virtual trainings and coaching sessions

✳ Lesson-focused exercises to see results and experience inner shifts

✳ Guided visualizations

✳ Sound healing

✳ AND a super special care package with some of our absolute favorite self-care items to kick off your journey!

If you’re ready for change in your life and want to learn more about Return to Self

OR even if you just want some support and guidance for your next action steps, book a complimentary coaching call to begin to Create your 2021 Self-Love Plan.  

Our intention for this call is to help you find clarity and insights from what has been holding you back from living a happier, more expansive version of yourself. Our clients often walk away with a breakthrough.

Whether Return to Self is an absolute YES for you or you're not quite sure, we are committed to help you see what is possible for you so that you can create your most incredible year yet. Just find a time that works for you on our calendar link below. We are here to support and look forward to connecting with you!

Live & Virtual Curriculum

Monthly focus with multiple ways to absorb the material you will use for a lifetime

Accountability Coaching

Two coaching perspectives offering your insights to reframe current struggles and set you up for successful action

Supportive Community

Intimate group container of like-minded souls ready to connect, learn from each other, transform and thrive together!


We know making any big decision in our lives can be scary, especially with so much uncertainty in the world.  

But the fact that you are here at this very moment reading this means that you are searching for something greater within.

Perhaps you’re looking for a community, accountability, or you need direction and don’t know where to start

We understand what it’s like to feel lost and like something is missing.

We understand what it’s like to hop on the transformation train and desperately try everything from classes, workshops, podcasts to self-help books.

And we also know how long it can take to put all of the puzzle pieces together to find what actually works and create the lifestyle of lasting change. 

Which is exactly why we created this offering. 

"I was lost, seeking and searching for a deeper meaning in my life and an experience of love. 4 amazing kids later, receiving a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and energy healing through my Kundalini Yoga practice, my journey has led me back to myself. The one thing that was truly missing my entire life was a place to feel at home within. As a therapist at a trauma center and transformational coach, I now support others by using the tools and techniques that helped me thrive in my life." - Gina


"I felt trapped, anxious and depressed in my mid 20s. I knew I had something great inside of me but felt lost and didn’t know how to access or nurture it. A journey into the world of meditation and transformational work gave me a new lease on life where I was empowered to live by my own rules. I started my own company that went on to be internationally renowned. I am now a wellness coach and creative entrepreneur with over a decade of experience supporting women in embodiment and tools for transformation." - Lauren

Collectively over 35 years we have both done the work that has brought us to this very moment, here, right now, ready and eager to support you on your own journey of healing, happiness and abundance. 

Click below to join us on a call so we can meet you and you can get to know us. Together, we'll create a plan for your most meaningful year yet!


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Next session begins July 2021